Fat Pockets – Showbiz & AG (1992)

Showbiz & AG rolled up on the Hip Hop scene with this joint at a time when NYC ghetto’s were seeing lots and lots of cash. High priced european cars with boomin systems would rattle NYC blocks to this joint right here. Shouts to the D.I.T.C. crew for taking the game to the next level. Pun Intended!!

North Bronx Alliance – NBA Live ’97, Black Caesar / Aiello Wilson – Black Soil 1997 Produced By Rob Dinero

Early production from ya boy Rob Dinero. These joints are underground, gutter and exactly what Hip Hop was intended to be. At a time when cats were using “grimey” beats Rob was able to keep that flavor and still keep the sound loud and clear. Big up to Rob Dinero for having that distinct sound and continuing to put out …